Research for Non-Members

Non-members may use the Library upon payment of a $20.00 fee (includes GST), per day or part thereof.  If after paying the $20.00 fee the visitor decides to join the Society, then the $10.00 joining fee will be waivered providing an application is made within the same week the visit took place (within 7 days).

Visitors accompanying members must be introduced to the Duty Librarian at the front desk, sign the attendance register and pay the $20.00 fee if they use any of the Library’s resources.


A fee of $AU 40.00 per hour will be charged for research. Payment for the first hour of research must be received in Australian currency before research will begin. If a research enquiry extends beyond one hour, GSNT will contact the enquirer with an estimate of any additional time or cost required; and request permission to go ahead. Additional charges for expenses such as photocopying may be incurred, and will be invoiced to the enquirer.