Paddington Cemeteries (QLD) Exhumations and Re-interments

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This index was compiled in 2009, contains 695 entries, includes additional references to council records as well as the usual death information, including parents names.

The GSNT Assistant Research Officer found conflicting information on the Toowong Cemetery which indicated that this cemetery may contain exhumed persons from the old Paddington Cemetery.

The information has been taken from microfilm M1904 Z1167 - several other Registers are included on this film which have been indexed by the GSNT, however the "Paddington Cemetery - Register of bodies exhumed for re-interment in other cemeteries" is the document used for this index.  The following are the field headings contained in the Register and transcribed on this CD.


The index has actually revealed discrepancies which when unknown to a researcher could easily turn into a "no result"

Where *** appears this signifies a discrepancy between the information in the Registers to that of for example Qld Birth, Deaths & Marriages (BDM)  - Thomas Alexander died on the 26 April 1870, yet Qld BDM records his date of death as 23 April 1870.  Timothy Ahearn is recorded in the Register, the Brisbane City Cemeteries and Qld State Archives has the spelling of his name as Ahern.

Pages: Where the reference to this entry is found.

Corresponding MCC No:  We have not been able to determine what this refers to.

Block                               )

Corner:                            ) Reference to grave location

Grave Peg:                      )


Given Name/s:


Date of Death:                

Exhumed from: eg Paddington Church of England Cemetery

Re-interred at: Name of Cemetery

Particulars: may include information about other family members, mother, father, wife, children, type of monument eg headstone only, headstone pall stones

B.C.C.: we have added this field to indicate which cemetery in the Brisbane City Council's jurisdiction is the burial place.  Where there is no reference this indicates that this person does not appear in the Council's index.  May contain reference to another name used.

Qld B.D.M. No.: Reference to the Queensland Death index - not all are listed in this index - there are some entries that contain additional information eg alias. Death years covered 1844 - 1876

Father: added if found


Source: Where the information was obtained from. 

eg Qld State Archives Class No.: LAN/AQZ 274, Brisbane City Cemeteries, Qld Births, Deaths and Marriages