Research & Resources

GSNT’s library holds an extensive range of resources, not just focussed on the Northern Territory but also other Australian and International material of benefit to the researcher.  The library catalogue includes over 1800 different microfiche, microfilm and CD’s, the database for this catalogue is fully searchable on each field.  There is also over 285 linear metres of shelving dedicated to books and journals, organised by location and subject that are currently being catalogued.

Our Library has an exchange arrangement for journals with other genealogical and family history societies in Australia and overseas.  The journals are available for borrowing – these are the only items in the library which may be borrowed.  

The Members tab is not visible until a Member has logged in using the "red login" button on the top right hand side of the screen.  Members of our Library will find additional information in this section.  If you have forgotten your Member login details or are new to our Society, please email [email protected] or telephone the Secretary 0412 018 015 to arrange a login.

Once you have signed in as a Member,  the Members tab will appear, click of the tab and a couple of seconds later a drop down menu will appear.

Some family history societies send us a pdf copy of their journal instead of a hard copy, these exchange journals can be found on the Members tab.

Non members wanting to use our research facilities are welcome, there is a Casual Library Fee of $20.00 per day.  

Country members can request up to four hours of free research in a calendar year.